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      Rose McKeown

      Week 3 video: Rick and Karen Listening Skills:
      I observed many especially Rick’s ability to help Karen feel comfortable. There was direct and open communication and feedback and there was a positive energy in the conversation between the two of them. Rick checked his understanding of what he heard by asking productive questions and paraphrasing for Karen what he heard her say. This helped Karen go even more deeper into her story. Getting her in touch with feelings she was feeling inside herself as she relived her experience. Rick used the ‘perception check’ as he identified Karen’s emotions…..”If I’m with you…..
      As Rick listened to the story and asked clarifying question, Karen began sharing more on the feeling level. Her voice and body language changed somewhat as Rick’s questions helped her get in touch with the hidden meaning within her own story. The Aha moment. As the people in Italy had time together. Being together, being with one another was important. She remembered times when she had that in her own family especially with her grandchildren. But today, there are the i-phones that hinder family from really being together. She resolved that to help that together time happen once again in her family. She would model for them what this togetherness meant.
      Rick: “let me see if I can capture what I’ve heard you say. See if I’m right” He captured it well and it gave her insight. As Rick summarized, he helped her to even add more to her story. Her experience at the tombs of the saints, the Christians being killed by the lions brought her to a profound faith question? Could I give my life for Christ like they did?
      She felt heard and that is why she could go deeper into her story. She felt really listened to.
      And, Rick shared how ministry is always mutual. The listener is gifted as well.

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      Wally Plock

      Excellent summary Rose.  You helped me see more of what Rick did well (checking understanding, paraphrasing, being fully present, sharing her joy.)

      Rick helped Kathy move from data back then, feelings back then to feelings now and to an aha moment whe Kathy used the word coalesce to describe how Rick helped her.  Watching the exercise, knowing it was an exercise, but experiencing it vicariously and not as an artificial exercise helped me to get it to as it harmonized with my counter story–  A cool family vacation and the troubling question the martyrs raise again 200o years since their lives were given in offering to the Lord.

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        Rose McKeown

        Thanks Wally! You really got into the exercise as it got you in touch with your counter story!

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      Rick really summarized different parts of the story from Karen.

      I hope Rick felt with Karen for parts of her experience.

      I realize some of the video was a bit contrived, so I guess I just want to come across as genuine, even using the techniques Rick modeled and we read about.


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