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      Rick Underwood


      Glad you are here. We are a very small group. Use the following to see the Ragsdale video: username: [email protected]; password: oatesfg9793

      That should get you in.


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      Tim Peters

      Thank you Rick.

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      Tim Peters

      I thought the interview with Judy Ragsdale was good.  It makes sense hearing that research can help us evaluate whether our work is effective.  It resonated with me what she said about the main goal of CPE has been the integration of self.  That is a good thing, but of course not the only learning needed for us chaplains.  I liked her suggestion of more training could be given on learning how others use spirituality and religion.  We need both a knowledge of ourselves and others to be competent chaplains.

      I have not done a lot of research.  I tried doing some the year I did an oncology chaplain fellowship.  I looked for research done on having similar programs and the benefit of them.  My problem was it was a unique program that I was in.  But the librarian at the hospital where I was helped me find some related articles.  I did end up writing a paper and making a poster for the main project of my fellowship.  That was the last personal research that I have done.

      The interview with Judy Ragsdale encouraged me to spend more time looking at research, even if I am not trying to do it myself.  Like the powerpoint said all chaplains should be research literate, some will collaborate with the research being done and some will lead the research projects.  That is not my passion, but it is good for me to have a reminder of the importance of it.


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