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      Tommy Tredway

      Please introduce yourself!

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      Michael Porter


      My name is Mike and I am just beginning my 25th year as the Chaplain/Director for Pastoral Services at Porter Regional Hospital in Valparaiso, Indiana.  I am ordained in the Lutheran Church – now in my 35th year – and Board Certified in APC.  Prior to serving as a Chaplain, I served as a parish Pastor for almost nine years.  I am married for almost 39 years and we have a daughter, a son and two grandsons.

      Balancing my personal faith and the faith of others happens daily with me as I visit with people throughout the day.  Through this, my faith has grown beyond the box I had it in.  I am interested in looking at this more though the guided discussions we will share.


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      Hello Mike,

      My name is Angel I am an Ordained American Baptist Minister and I also serve as a Hospital Chaplain.  I am looking forward to this course as I feel the way persons live out their faith is constantly evolving.  Similar to you working in the hospital, I have had moments where I my faith has been challenged.  I am curious to hear the stories from other colleagues.

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      Rick Underwood

      Welcome, Angel and Mike and others,

      The Oates program committee suggested the topic for this seminar, but none of them felt comfortable facilitating the discussion.  Since I firmly believe as a PRN Chaplain in a large, urban, medical center that the issues discussed here is very important, I agreed to facilitate.  I have chosen an article to launch our discussion written by Paul Knitter, Th.D, from Union Theological Seminary.  Though it is published in a social worker journal and addressed to social workers, I think the issues he raises and his reflections are a good introduction for our discussion.

      After a 30 year career as a professional pastoral counselor, I currently serve as the part-time ED at Oates, bi-vocational pastor of a Progressive Baptist Church, adjunct professor of Organizational Learning, and PRN chaplain.



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      Wally Plock


      My name is Wally Plock, BCC and ordained Episcopalian Deacon and previously ordained minister in the Wesleyan church for 25 years.  I recently began as the Spiritual Care Coordinator at Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. in central new York. I have been a nursing home chaplain, Trauma 1 hospital CPE resident and chaplain to teens in detention in addition to youth ministry and pulpit supply in variou denominations.


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      Wally Plock


      Wally Plock here.  I need to add I am happily married for 35 years and am a proud father of 4 and grandfather of one.  I am taking this course because of the tension that exists in my born-again heart that elevates Jesus as the only savior and my experience as an interfaith chaplain where acceptance and kindness have brought me to amazing places of ministry with people from a wide range of faith practice and belief.

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      Jennifer Gingerich

      Hi all,

      It’s great to meet you.  My name is Jennifer Gingerich, and I’m an ordained Presbyterian (USA) minister serving as chaplain at Christian Care Communities in Louisville, KY.  I serve the residents and staff of two adjacent independent living senior apartment buildings.  I have been in professional ministry for 15 years, mostly as a long term care chaplain.  Last year I was board-certified.  I am married and have two 8-year-old daughters (fraternal twins).  Right now we’re in the middle of Girl Scout cookie season!

      I was interested in this course because of noticing how I respond internally to residents and worship leaders whose faith may be more certain or evangelical than mine.  And from a different perspective, we have been having discussions about the Jewish and Muslim faiths in a book group I facilitate with residents.


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      Rick Underwood

      Let me add my greeting to Jennifer and Wally.  Having grown up in a deep south, evangelical Baptist church, I too have had a long journey of dealing with this particular issue both within the many Christian traditions and other faiths as well.  We look forward to hearing more of  your experience, solutions you have discovered, and how your faith has evolved as a result of struggling with this issue.

      Rick @ Oates

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      Wally Plock

      Hello Mike, Angel, Rick and Jennifer.


      We come from a variety of Christian faith expression and experience in addition to diverse experiences in our areas of service.  I hope together we can make some sense of it.

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