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      Rick Underwood

      Mark and I tried to get this seminar rolling last month but we didn’t have enough folks. See his intro above.

      I was in to research ever since my doctoral studies in the mid 70’s. For many years, my nurse practitioner wife and I worked with cardiac rehab patients. During that time, we worked with psychologists, physicians, physical therapists and other nurses in conducting numerous empirical research projects. If you are interested in hearing about those, let me know.

      When I turned 65, I did another master’s degree at the University of Louisville in Organizational Leadership in which research was a strong component. I know teach in that program.

      Our middle son is getting married this Sunday and we plan to put our home of 35 years up for sale on the 20th, so I will be facilitating from a distance as I deal with my joy and grief!

      I will post Judy Ragsdale’s interview later today to get us started. In the meantime, join us in the Introductions.

      [email protected]

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      Tim Peters

      My name is Tim Peters.  I am a hospice chaplain in Stockton, California where I have been for the past seven years.  Before that I was a hospital chaplain for three years.  I admit I have not had a lot of experience with research.  So I am hoping this course will help me become more proficient.

      Also, when I tried clicking on the link for the interview by Judy Ragsdale it just takes me to a generic login page for adobe connect.  What should I do to get that to work?

      Thanks, Tim

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      Tim Peters


      Congratulations on your son getting married this Sunday!  Lots of change for you.


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