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      Welcome to the course on Issues in Spirituality and Palliative Care. Remember that your course instructor should email you the first assignment on or shortly after the 20th of the month in question. Until then, please introduce yourself to the rest of your class!

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      Kirstin D. Batchelor

      Hello, I’m Kirstin Batchelor, and I hope I am posting in the correct location. I’m excited about exploring Spirituality and Palliative Care with you all. I am a UCC clergy having served as a hospital chaplain in Anchorage, AK and a hospice chaplain in Duluth, MN. My husband and I recently relocated to Western North Carolina and I’m exploring what is next for me. I enjoyed chaplaincy in both settings I worked in and also feel ready for something different perhaps. I still feel a strong commitment to the importance of health care chaplaincy and also believe strongly that Palliative Care is a much-needed and at times misunderstood part of health care. As a hospice chaplain there were many occasions when a patient would benefit from palliative care either because they were not ready for hospice or because they were being discharged from hospice. We were fortunate to have a program at the hospital in Duluth, and their hope was also for it to expand to home care and not just hospital-based care. I look forward to our conversations and to meeting you all. Thanks!

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      Paul C. Edwards

      Good afternoon. I am not new to the Institute, having taken lots of great courses over many years! I am excited about this course, primarily because I an eager to learn new skills. We have an awesome Palliative Care Team that I work with at our hospital. As a community hospital, we serve a lot of long-time folks who have trusted us over the years with their care. I feel honored to be a part of a team that provides care to the total person. As we encounter a more ethnically diverse population in our service area, I am aware I need to gain sharper skills.

      I am an ordained American Baptist minister, board certified, APC chaplain and have been at my current ministry location for a little over a decade. We are located in the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

      I am married and we have a “soon-to-be” Civil Engineer son. We are looking forward to his launch into his chosen field.

      I love this new format. I can now log in anywhere, even if I’m not in the office! Wonderful!

      Looking forward to this learning opportunity!

      Paul Edwards

      P.S. I may have posted this in the wrong location in my initial post, about an hour and a half ago, so I am reposting, just in case. Sorry about that.

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        Rick Underwood

        Kirstin, Paul and others to sign on soon,

        Welcome to one of the most popular seminars we offer.  Dina Carroll who will introduce herself when she gets to her travel destination is one of our best facilitators and she has many years of experience in Palliative Care.  This seminar is a collaborative learning experience.  While there are resources to read and watch much of the learning takes place in the dialogue between the participants and the facilitator.  Please get started on the first two assignments and remember to mark each complete.  I will chime in as needed but stand ready to help in any way needed.

        Rick Underwood, Oates Institute

        P.S. Remember to scroll down after you have written a post and check the “notify me of follow-up replies via email” box in the bottom left-hand corner.

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      Deanna Stringer


      I am Deanna Stringer. I think I responded to the introduction via e-mail. I am a mom of 4 biological children and 2 that we are in the process of adopting. I was a hospice chaplain for a year and a half in Baltimore but gave up the job due to having an extremely long commute and then the deaths of my mom, mother-in-law, and father-in-law within 5 months a couple of years ago. I am still out there looking for a position but am enjoying the learning and staying up with the field.

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