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      Rick Underwood

      Welcome friends to the discussion of Berne Brown’s very stimulating book. We are happy to have Trish Matthews facilitating our discussion. I will join in when I can.

      I’m Rick and I currently serve as the director at the Oates Institute.  In addition, I am a bi-vocational pastor and teach parttime in the Organizational Leadership graduate program at the University of Louisville.

      I’m married to Brenda and we have 3 grown kids and a bunch of grandchildren and one dog named Max.

      I have read this book and was inspired and provoked to think and feel in ways that were very helpful. I look forward to interacting with you all around this topic.

      Please share your introduction in this link.


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      Trish Matthews

      My name is Trish Matthews and I am new to this format but a long time member of Oates.  I am your course facilitator.

      This is a great forum for sharing our practice and our own personal concerns in a place of support and encouragement.  I encourage you to do both as you are comfortable.  The more you process and share, the more meaningful the class will be for you.  If you haven’t already, please buy the book and begin reading immediately.  Tomorrow I will begin our conversation around the writing, but today I would like to invite you to introduce yourself and share what attracted you to join this book study at this time.

      I am divorced after being married for 31.5 years, have three grown children, and currently live with my two little dogs.  I am a Manager at my hospital and work in a system of 14 hospitals in the DFW Metroplex.  I actually live and work in Denton, Tx.  I have been a chaplain for 33 years and just received my 25 year recognition from APC for Board Certification.  As much as I love my work, I am currently realizing that at the age of 58 life is not all about work.  Some of you are laughing right about now as you realized that much younger.  Having said that, within the past 3 years I have transitioned my ordination from Baptist to Presbyterian (USA).  If any of you know about that, it is a rigorous process of exams and committees.  I have always wanted to try pastoring a church, so I have taken on preaching at a tiny church in another city of our area twice a month, alternating with another bi-vocational pastor.  I am learning so much and feeling thankful for my work as a chaplain all over again!

      Welcome to Rising Strong.  It is my hope that through our study we will all be encouraged, as Brene says, that:   “If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall.  This is a book about what it takes to get back up.”


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      Hello –

      I still don’t know how I got to this page, but here I am, finally!! I have been a hospital chaplain for 17 years, in my current setting for 2 years. The hospital I work at now is amazing, it feels like I’ve landed in the “promised land” and I keep waiting to wake up!


      I am an ELCA pastor, married to an ELCA pastor – she works as an executive director of a church ministry to help folks avoid homelessness – she’s awesome and we’ve been together for 14 years. We have 2 rescue dogs and a bird. We live in a suburb of St. Paul, MN about 6 miles from where I grew up. I did spend some time in Dallas in the 90’s – I went down for the summer and stayed for 7 years.


      Brene Brown is awesome and I’m really looking forward to this course . . . if I can figure out the technological piece.




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