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      Rick Underwood

      Dear Participants of the Helping Children Grieve seminar,

      As noted in an earlier email, the facilitated who was supposed to lead this seminar did not show. I haven’t been able to contact her. Hope she is ok.  Anyhow, Lori has already read and posted on all of the articles. It would be great if we could interact with her.  Please indicate whether or not you intend to participate.


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      Carolyn Osoinach

      I will definitely participate and will continue to work on the readings and my replies today.

      Carolyn O.

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      Carolyn Osoinach

      Also, I am not able to see where Lori has posted any comments about the readings – I would very much like to engage her comments.  They don’t show up in any forum thread.  Otherwise, it feels like I am just throwing things into the void.



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      Lori Casey BSN MDiv., BCC-PCHAC

      Hi Carolyn, I am Lori Casey RN, Mdiv., BCC-HPCC.  I read the homework but have had a hard time finding where to post and accessing the forum site. Rick and Jason have been very helpful and I have been able to use a direct link from Jason to post. You will see more from me later today as well.  I’m a United Methodist minister/chaplain. I worked for 6 years in a wonderful job as the chaplain on the palliative care team at Baptist Health Lexington. I am on what I am calling a sabbatical now so I can travel with my husband for a year or so. Our hospital is down the street from the Univ. of Kentucky Med Ctr and they have a huge pediatric unit as well as offering pediatric palliative care/hospice care. My work with children comes from working with families in health crisis, dying and death. I have much to learn about helping children grieve and look to learn from you, Rick and Melanie.

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