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      Hosparus Health Inc.

      Good Afternoon!

      I’m not sure if this is everyone.  I am happy to hear from Mark, Trish, and Deanna–whom I recall from the last time I facilitate this group.   I had many technical difficulties then, therefore, we did not wrap up in the way I had intended.  I”m hoping all is different this time around.

      Deanna, I am excited for you to be entering into the world of hospice chaplaincy.  It has certainly served me well these 23 years!  This work has expanded my sense of the sacred and my spiritual growth over the years.  Aside from that, one of the things I most value is the “realness” of those I encounter.  Prior to my work here, I was a pastoral counselor.  People paid good money to come sit with me and oftentimes “hide.”  The raw honesty I encountered among the dying was refreshing and challenging.  I hope you find this work to be also!

      Trish, I am saddened to hear of your diagnosis, though so grateful for a forward thinking doctor that helped see this disease before treatment was not an option.  I repeatedly hear that treatment is incredibly fatiguing!  Blessings to you as you continue through this.  I’m sorry this is your present experience, yet because it is, I’m anxious to know your impressions as we go through these next 2 and half weeks together.  You will deeply enrich this time for all of us!

      Mark, thank you for joining us.  I’ll appreciate hearing from your perspective as a parish minister, now moving into chaplaincy.

      I hope that this time can be a place for sharing our ideas, questions, experiences, hopes, how our lives impact our ministries and gaining hope for the future of pastoral care and palliative care.

      The way I will structure the class is that in the heading I will put “week 1” with assignments and questions.  Please respond from that heading.  The following week, I will put “week 2” in the heading, etc.   I typically will assign things on Tues while allowing a couple of days for introductions on the first week.    I hope to hear from everyone as I have found we are all enriched by the fuller discussion.


      Welcome aboard and stay tuned!




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