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      Trish Matthews

      Hi.  My name is Trish Matthews.  I am a manager of Pastoral Care at a 300 bed Presbyterian hospital in Denton, Tx.  I am a new Presbyterian (2 years) and a former Methodist and then Baptist by former marriage.  I am currently on medical leave as I have colon cancer and am undergoing chemotherapy, which makes me unbelievable tired.  But I realized after being off for four months already that I need to do some CEU’s.  I still have three more months to be off.  So here I am.  Palliative Care and end of life care is one of my burning passions.  I have done a good bit to get that going  in my hospital, having two rooms opened for end of life care with an additional family room and advocating for a full palliative care program in addition to our wonderful social worker (loan palliative care staff at this point).  I co-facilitate our Living With Cancer group, so there is no other group nearby for me to attend during my own time of need.  I fully expect to recover and return to work sometime in September, but I was also shocked by this diagnosis as I had no symptoms and my doctor did this Cologuard test two years early.  She saved my life.  I am a 3B, not a 4, so that is my hope!  Looking forward to our class and interacting with other professionals.  I really miss that right now!


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