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      Hosparus Health Inc.

      Hi Everyone,


      Welcome to the Spirituality and Palliative Care course!  I am Dina Carroll, our facilitator.  I have worked in hospice and palliative care for 23 years, at Louisville’s local hospice, Hosparus Health.   I’ve served on adult and pediatric home teams, at our inpatient unit, at our counseling center.  I also served for 4 years as manager of our pediatric program and have continued to serve as Manager or Spiritual Care.  I feel blessed to walk alongside so many during a tender and sacred time in their lives.

      I am a farm girl from GA who has been in Louisville for 30 years now.  I am a divorced mom of 3 young adult kids who are just launching.  I’m also in the midst of selling our home, now that all the kids have moved, and find myself having “all kinds of feels” as the kids would say.

      My apologies for beginning a day late.  Let’s spend today introducing ourselves and what interests us about palliative care.    After that, I will “assign” materials–that need to get uploaded–and break up the assignments over the 3 week period.  I look forward to meeting everyone!

      Blessings to you all,


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      Trish Matthews

      Nice to meet you, Dina.  I understand the divorce struggles.  I divorced my husband of 33.5 years just 5 years ago, and at some times it is still hard, especially with the children.  My kids are all grown as well, but it is still hard.  I can imagine what you are facing.  I am with you that it is a sacred time to be with others.  That has always been my best spiritual care place.  Looking forward to the class,

      Trish Matthews

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