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      Paul C. Edwards

      Hello all:-

      I’m Paul. I’ve been a full-time chaplain at a community hospital for the past 14+ years. I’m an ordained American Baptist minister and am married with an adult son who lives out-of-state, pursuing his career as a Civil Engineer. I have a particular interest in end-of-life care and enjoy filling the pulpit (when I’m able). Outside of ministry settings, I enjoy gardening and I am pretty good at repairing computers, etc. Other hobbies are reading, music and language study, (though I’ve not been able to immerse myself in these for quite some time due to my current work load).

      Being solo (with occasional priest help) in addition to running my department of volunteers (Eucharistic Ministers and others), makes for a hectic week. Being on-call daily, throughout the week, does not help either. Thankfully, I have coverage on the weekends that relieves me of those on-call responsibilities. So, I’m always feeling drained. Even when I take “mental health days” and return, it does not take long for that “running-out-of-gas” state to return.

      I’m hoping this course will help me to be able to do better with my work-life balance. I’ve been feeling burn-out (meaning, no energy) although I’ve always managed to be spiritually present whenever called upon to attend to a ministry encounter. I’m really hoping I can come away with some tools that will help me to do more than just “get through” the week.

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      Laura Broadwater

      I am Laura, staff chaplain in Louisville.  I have interest in gleaning any helpful tools as staff experience burn out.  I am married with three children two in college, one still in high school.

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      Wally Plock


      My name is Wally Plock and I just finished 5 years as a nursing home chaplain.  It is hard to admit because I loved the work, but I found my self running out of steam.  A Hospice spiritual care position came up nearer my home and cut my commute by 50 minutes.  I jumped at it and am glad for the new opportunity, but I find myself now grieving the loss of so many relationships.  I signed up for the course thinking how might I help the staff Iwork with, but am in need of it personally.  I want to be fresh and present in my new role.

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      Peter Wong


      I’m Peter Wong from Malaysia. I was an undergraduate at Manhattan College in New York prior to returning to my country to pursue graduate training. My wife followed my footsteps after my retirement from the university last year.  As I continue to work as therapist on a semi-retired basis, I hope to learn how to balance my time between professional work and church related prison ministry.

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      Dianna Cox

      My name is Dianna Cox. I am an ordained Lutheran minister and currently working in hospice. I am so happy this course is up and running. I am looking forward to engaging especially now as this virus is encouraging us to be so distant from one another. I live in Tacoma, WA so the the distance is always challenging. I will post more this weekend and get caught up.

      I really do work at having a balance between work and free time.  Retirement is several years away, I find I do enjoy being a chaplain what I am having a hard time doing is the evaluations every year and coming up with goals. It is hard to find a goal that I haven’t already done. How do I keep fresh?

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      Hi, all.  My name is Carol Ashworth, and I am an ordained Cooperative Baptist minister, serving as a hospital chaplain in Richmond, VA.  I work diligently to keep a work-life balance, and generally do pretty well, although we all have our times.  Primarily, though, I seek to help our hospital staff learn better ways to cope.  My hospital is actually comprised of two separate campuses, one of which is a Level I trauma center, and the other is Level III; however, it specializes in stroke care and cancer care.

      I am single and share a home with my elderly father, having lost my mother last year.  Sometimes my work life is less stressful than my home life!

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      Hello My name is Angel Sullivan.  I am an ordained American Baptist Minister and I serve as a Hospital Chaplain with a primary focus on Behavioral Health.  I am interested in the topic of burnout, because I work in a high stress area, and now with the addition to the current Pandemic I am even more so interested to obtain new learning or modalities, which I can use with my Team Members and patients.  It is good to meet everyone.


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      Hello all,

      I’m a bit late in the game, but my name is Leslie Gonzales (a male, lol, sometimes the name throws people off), I’m ordained American Baptist, but currently serve in a Methodist congregation as the pastoral care pastor.  I’m also a corporate chaplain.  I’m married with three boys, the oldest is 23 and in college, the younger two are 10 year old twins on the Autism Spectrum… All of this alone makes me the perfect candidate for burnout, but I digress….

      My interest in burnout comes from the fact that very shortly after I entered into ministry, within probably a year, I began seeing pastors all around me either burning out completely or on the verge of burnout.  I saw some leave ministry, I saw some fall to terrible public sin, I saw some that *should* have left ministry but never did (and their congregations paid the price for it)…  After witnessing all of this happen around me, I entered into a Doctor of Ministry program where I chose to do my dissertation project on pastoral burnout.  I graduated in 2017, but my penchant for lifelong learning brought me here.  When I saw the topic I naturally gravitated towards it.  I’m always open to learn new things and I’m excited to see what new things I’m made aware of or at least reminded of as we go through this course together…

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