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      My name is Angel I am a Board Certified Chaplain. I serve primarily in a Behavioral Health Center with Adults and Children. I facilitate Spirituality Groups with both populations. The children I work with can range from 5 to 18 years of age.

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      Rick Underwood

      Hi Angel,

      I am glad you have joined this group.  Please go to the Forum in the upper left hand corner of the course page and click on that link. That will take you to the Forum, click on the top thread and you can read the other’s post and add your own reflection to the initial resource.  If you are having problems, contact me directly.

      Rick @ Oates

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      Mary M. Wrye

      I am wondering about the status of this course. It seems that Joy, Mike and I are having a conversation about the topic matter with the two pieces of materials that were attached and some we have found on our own, but no facilitator has posted as yet.
      Can you help me with that?

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