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      Rick Underwood

      Trop, Taylor, and Jamie,

      I am not sure what has happened to you three.  It is unfortunate that the others who signed up didn’t follow through.  It really takes 8 – 10 persons regularly participating in order to make this a meaning / collaborative learning experience. Please advise.

      The last week is time to discuss chapters 5,6, and 7 in the Primer and chapter 3 in Listening and Caring.

      By this typically, we have developed a trusting and robust discussion of what we are learning and how we are applying the best ideas from the readings.

      You all had mentioned that you had a group of folks who were interested in taking Module 1 in October.  Is that still the plan?

      Finally, we haven’t received your payment for this module.  Please advise.

      Sorry that we haven’t been able to have a better interaction.



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