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      In addition to the resources listed at the end of Bert’s book, I just wanted to offer an additional thought about resources. There are so many more resources available to people now, particularly when they are struggling, trying to reconcile who they are with Scripture. Despite all the great new stuff that is out, I have had some really good success counseling some individuals by going back to basics. Paul Duke and John Claypool are two Baptist pastors who delivered some pretty amazing sermon series back in the 80s. In these sermons, they teased apart the “clobber passages” one by one, putting the Scriptures in historical, cultural context and correctly translating what was meant by the terms used. When people are steeped in the clobber passages as the reason to exclude LGBT folks, it is sometimes helpful to give them a “trusted” source that can help them feel like there is still a place for them in their faith tradition. Similarly, a book that was helpful for a number of people was A Time to Embrace: Same-Gender Relationships in Religion, Law, and Politics, by William Stacy Johnson (a Presbyterian). It goes into some detail on the Scriptural basis for inclusion, although it is dated now in the legal and political arenas.

      Those sermons have made their way to people who needed them through the years, and I think I still have copies if anyone needs a scanned version. But I’m sure you all probably have your own very good resources to support folks who may come to you for help.

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