I am so appreciative of this class and brief time together!  I have enjoyed hearing Peter’s deep insights into his life and ministry.  Angel, your last post touched my heart more than I can say in words…  I never thought of creativity in that way before!  I am always so quick to say that I “don’t have a creative bone in my whole body!”  It has been nice to be honest about my true feelings about my creativity and look at it from a whole different perspective.  Just “getting out of bed and living my life is an act of creativity.”  WOW!  I am taking this to prayer and reflection and will journal how I am “creative” right now…today!  We are living in some uncertain times to say the least.  God is surely inviting us to look at life in a whole new Light.  To take some time out and to look at how we are creative now and how to grow in that direction has helped me tremendously!

Peace & Many Blessings,  Janet