Hello Peter and Janet,

I am writing to acknowledge that I have read the articles and your responses.  I feel that I need to watch the interview and read the articles again before I can fully respond to them.  I am not sure as to why, however, it is taking me longer to process the information.   In general I will say that I am rethinking creativity.  Earlier in my life I thought of creativity and creative people as only those who could paint, draw, act, sing; the performing arts.  I had an interest in most of these art forms, but I never considered myself as one who excelled in them, and therefore, I was not as creative as I would have liked.  As I am much older and have more life experiences I think of creativity as a way of being and a natural part of humanity.  The simple act of getting out of bed, and living your life is an act of creativity. Having the courage to talk to a stranger or face a challenge is a form of creativity. We are each living our lives in a unique and divine way, and the more we connect with the great creator, because let’s face it the world, existence in and of itself is most magnificent and it is my opinion that God is the “Great Creator”  we by design are creation and creators.