Peter Wong

Hi Janet and Angel,

The talk “Creativity is a spiritual practice” brings us to the core of our spiritual self. For me, being creative is also being able to see the many facets of life as a reality: be aware of who I am, where I came from, where I’m going, on a daily basis. The speaker emphasizes the notion of awakening while self-awareness is so significant in this respect. As Janet says, there’s not much collaboration between supervisors and subordinates these days.

I’ve no intention of boosting about my own success in my career¬† as an educator and therapist. When I was in a position as an administrator, I viewed the authority vested on me as a capacity to serve my subordinates in whatever way I could to assist and support them to excel in their job; when I was a subordinate, I cooperated with my peers as well as my superiors to the best of my ability. To be frank with you, I enjoyed going to work each day and I still work part-time even after my mandatory retirement last year.

Consequently, I still keep in touch with many of my former superiors and peers. Some have even become my best friends.