Peter Wong

Hi Jane and Angel,

I may be less active doing meditation nowadays compared to my younger days, a day still hardly passes without spending some time meditating. The article on “Access Deep Meditation …” gives some hints on the positive outcomes of meditation but I believe it goes much more than that if we we take it seriously.

To be honest with you, daily meditation has made me who I am in many ways as I always make it the center of my day . My profile picture you see here was taken exactly a year ago just months after my official retirement at the age of 60. I still enjoy all the good things in life: working part-time, studying with people who like to learn like you, spending time with family members and friends, “wasting” time with God in prayers, exercising in our family gym and doing house chores each day. The list can go on.

All I can say is that I’m a happy man with a successful career and life. Physically and emotionally fit…

A strong prayer life and  daily meditation is not everything but that helps certainly for making my days!