Hi Peter!

I am so honored to speak to you through this format!  Your reference to the “Old Man and the Sea” made me smile — we surely need a different perspective to open up our creativity!  Thanks for sharing!


I have enjoyed the article:  “the Ultimate Guide to Creativity & Meditation.”  I really enjoyed the first part about NASA out to hire the most innovative thinkers and how we lose our creative thinking as we grow.

My son was trained in Montessori and now he teaches in the public school system.  It is very difficult him to bring the creativity of Montessori into the “box” of our current public school system.  As a chaplain working through COVID – we have had to try to think way outside the box!  I am not the most technical person – but, with some help we were able to start a zoom meeting for a family who was losing their loved one and not allowed to come up because of COVID.  There were about 20 people signed on and I was invited to pray over ZOOM!  WoW!  Never thought that would happen…I am trying to remain open and to find some creative skills to get us through the next few months.  Thanks for this opportunity!