Rick Underwood

Angel and Janet, welcome. Looks like we have 3 of us local and Peter in Malaysia. Peter remind us of the time difference.

Did you all share your faith group affiliation? I am a progressive Baptist aligned with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship through the Church I co-pastor and was endorsed by the Baptist Alliance as a pastoral counselor back in the day.

Please that there are two articles for week one. The first article provides some interesting research indicating how we lose our natural creativity through the school process. Further, it explores the value of meditation as a tool to enhance our creativity. The article eventually tries to sell their produce, which I’m not advocating.

The second article is the one Angel and Janet referred to. In my introduction, you may have noticed I used one of the suggestions of writing my intro without the use of the personal pronoun. It was fun but a bit more difficult than I anticipated. Angel, I too like the six word story or it could be a six word prayer. I hope we will all share some our playful creations.

Glad you all are along and I look forward to what we can create together.
Rick @ Oates