Jennifer Gingerich

Pulling together two points from your post, Gene, is helpful to me in thinking about what is going on in our cities right now.  We watch and struggle to make sense of the shifts from peaceful protests to destructiveness.  Media and those involved try to delineate “good guys” and “bad guys” in it all – the legitimate peace/justice activists and those who come in to make trouble.  Maybe we need to be asking that key question, “What happened to you?” to both groups.  Whether the troublemakers are from far left or far right or just plain “troublemakers” (there’s a label!), I wonder what happened in their lives to push them to this point?  What happened that is somehow related to the anger or mischief or that we see?  What happened to that now makes it hard for you to feel empathy for business owners and police officers?  I admit it’s more difficult for me to make that shift in thinking with regard to anonymous groups than for individuals whose stories I might be able to hear.