Joy Freeman


I was not clear in my previous post. Past generations did have trauma – probably all the same ones that we identify now and others that were specific to their generation and time. What I was trying to not so elloquently comment on was what you just mentioned – the fact that past generations rarely talked about the traumas they went through – it just was not done and somewhere in that reluctance to talk we lost some wisdom in what they learned in how to be resilient. I think to some it may seem like we have more trauma today because it is more acceptable to talk about it, medicine and education are beginning to understand the impact trauma has and this conversation is raising the staggering amount of trauma that is in our society. And like you I think there is an element of hope involved and so part of me wonders how between the generations of our grandparents and generations of our future we lost that underlying since of abiding hope – at least in part it feels that way to me.

Thank you for prompting me to think more deeply and clarify my previous post.