Deanna Stringer

I think any time we bring attention to our sinful nature we can be in jeopardy of retraumatizing someone as that person could believe that “it is all my fault”, “I brought this on myself.” We always need to remind people that God is in the business of making all things new, including ourselves and that brings hope. Hope is resiliency. It is being reminded that God has the capability to make us OK even. He is our resource, our rock and when we trust him, our Savior. That is the sticky part because when trauma happens it short circuits trust. We don’t trust anyone and get into that hypervigilant state of mind. Putting ourselves in God’s hands isn’t easy because trust must be there. I am so glad for prevenient grace and that he continues to call each of us to himself over and over again. He creates the environment for trust and he knows our background and the trauma that we have had in this world and places the Holy Spirit as the balm that will heal the soul. S0…. we battle our own traumatic brain with “Is this God trustworthy” and “Can I place myself in his care?” Faith is that step toward healing when “We are yet sinners.” It is the “working out” of this faith step in the area of trust where we can begin to heal from the world’s traumas and move toward recreation and being made new again.