Laura Broadwater

Thank you, Joy for asking about the Louise Hayes material.  I had not been exposed to it either. Joy said she was a bit ahead of the game, I am a bit behind.  Sometimes when I leave work, my brain is overloaded and weary.  While I watched the Ted
Talk on trauma, I just could not process it at the time.  I really needednotes.  Sometimes life is a bit busy.  I cannot imagine always feeling unsafe.  I have to wonder how some people experienced trauma likethe depression, the death of both parents, family being broken up and live long life?  I read and watched this incredible work on the traumatized brain reviewing stories
in my head that I have heard through time and wonder what is different today?  I wonder why the coping skills are so radically different?  I don’t believe the support system is the answer.  I have to wonder if there some resiliency ingrained in the DNA that allows different people to cope with different things achieving different results?  Perhaps I overgeneralize that most people experience trauma, I believe something I read stated like over 60 %, in life but the means does not equate the same end result. Laura