Joy Freeman

Reflection on Resilience During a Pandemic:

I found this article very helpful as I think about stress and trauma reactions to our current pandemic situation and the role fear plays in our individual and collective responses. I had not heard the term “freeze or fawn” before.  If I understand correctly freeze or fawn is basically either being stuck in an angry/blame or shut down mindset or be at the other end of the spectrum where they are fully focused on caring for and pleasing everyone else.  Neither of these seems healthy responses to me either.

The 4 Rs of realizing, recognizing, responding and reducing seem very teachable to help others create better responses to toxic stress and trauma situations. I also really appreciated the term resiliency zone.  For me it brings up a spacious area where we are able to utilize a wide variety of ways of counteracting the stress and trauma.  It seems to address that we are going to need various ways of healthy coping, one activity will not meet the need of every situation.

The most important thing the article addresses is also the hardest and that is developing and awareness of our body, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I often tell people the biggest thing I learned in CPE was to be self aware, it was also the hardest thing I had to learn, and I’m still not always good at it.

Another great article and the links to the other resources were helpful too.