Jennifer Gingerich

Joy, thinking about your reflections on staff care…  Perhaps this may not necessarily be a trauma for them, but a stressor that could potentially be traumatic depending on their capacity to handle it.  Have you seen the model where stress is divided into 3 categories, positive stress, tolerable stress, and toxic stress?  I had seen it before in a training, but I also found it in clicking a link from the ACEs Connection article: https://originstraining.org/our-approach/#resilience.  Some staff members will find all this to be tolerable stress because they have good training or supportive co-workers or you as an awesome chaplain who shows up for them.  😉  But I guess this situation might be more traumatic if they do not have the external and internal supports to deal with it.

Thinking about this with respect to staff is helpful to me in realizing why some folks have a harder time dealing with change than others.  Or why some folks tune out during in-services.  It may not be disrespect or uncaring; it could be that whatever else has been going on in their lives makes it difficult to concentrate and think about ways to grow and improve.

I am on our employee wellness committee, and we have trouble getting front line staff to participate in the wellness program.  Does anyone have ideas about trauma-informed staff care at a program level?  We had someone come in and do a seminar on resilience one time and got a few participants.  But sit-down seminars don’t have broad appeal.