Joy Freeman

Reflection for Trauma Sensitive Theology video:
Her statement “Trauma seeps into the very ground water of our cultural awareness” really hit a chord with me. As I think about this statement and the idea it presents of a subclinical trauma running through society in general I realize that spiritual care must take a close look at the words, theologies and supportive phrases that we are so used to using from a completely different lens. I had not really thought deeply about how the theologies that churches and religions teach as being venues for re-traumatization, but it does make some sense.

Her description of the three tiers of trauma was very helpful, particularly the part about how if trauma is not dealt with it can become a part of the foundation of a culture. Her comments on how violence is connected to the flight or fight response made a light go on for me. If there is a pervading sense of trauma at some level in our culture that has not been dealt with, that would mean society is stuck in a fight or flight cycle and thus makes sense that a symptom of this is the violence of both physical actions and words.

As one who has utilized ritual in my own healing, I am intreagued by her suggestion of using spiritual ritual to create trauma resiliency.

I greatly enjoyed her discussion and it has given me lots to think about. I’ll get to the blog post later.