Joy Freeman

Rick and all,

For me in an acute care setting where many are here because of a traumatic health event, I think my biggest application is to remember that I am not only dealing with this one event,  but also all the other traumas that the person has experienced up til now. I need to remember that something as simple as changing the question from something that addresses only the current situation may not get me to real need, but rather a broader question that the patent can respond to from their place of greatest need.

I’m also beginning to wonder about how I apply this to staff care.  I am doing more staff care these days and I am aware of how traumatic it can be for them in the new ways they are being told to practice medicine.  This will be a trauma for them, but my learning curve is how to move this concept from pt care to staff care.  Because the reality is because of my relationship with staff, the way I care for them is different from my patients.