Rick Underwood


Jennifer, Joy, Angel, and Betsy,
Thanks to each of you for getting us started. It is always pleasing and exciting to meet new spiritual caregivers from a variety of setting in different places around our country. I especially enjoy the collaborative learning experiences. We have chosen two resources for this week. The article is written by a nurse for nurses but it is a very good overview that relates to spiritual caregivers. The second is a video introduction to TIC.

Gene K. will be joining us soon as a co-facilitator. Welcome Gene as he introduces himself.

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As a pastoral psychotherapist and licensed marriage and family therapist for 30 years, much of what has become known as TIC was taught in a variety of other ways. Recently, I took part in a 5 day train the trainer workshop conducted by the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities, which introduced me to the Trauma Informed Care approach.

As you all know, Oates is conducting a two week online symposium on this topic focusing on the spiritual care aspects. So I have been doing a great deal of reading in Trauma Informed Spiritual Care. We will touch on that but hope you will plan to join us for that experience in June.

Rick @ Oates