Jennifer Gingerich

Hi all,

My name is Jennifer Gingerich, and I’m chaplain at a retirement community in Louisville, KY, serving the two independent living buildings.  I’m Presbyterian (USA) and have been a chaplain primarily in senior care for about 15 years.  My husband and I have two 8-year-old girls who are excited for school (NTI, or non-traditional instruction) to end next week.  I’m grateful that he has been able to work from home most of the time as we juggle work and parenting in these different circumstances.

When I first read about an article about adverse childhood experiences, a light when on as I immediately drew a correlation to a couple patients.  A year or two ago I attended a clergy seminar on trauma and ACEs, and again I saw how important this work is to understanding the stories and struggles of folks that we encounter.  I look forward to learning more with you all!