Joy Freeman

Week 1 Article Reflection:

I’m a bit ahead of the game, but taking advantage of a free moment to get some office work done.  I greatly appreciated the article and how succinctly it presented the research data around childhood trauma.  I am a bit familiar with some of this data, but this was a good refresher.  The correlation to physical illness is astounding and I feel the idea of trauma informed care could be a game changer in the idea of wholistic medicine and stopping looking at individual body organs but instead moving back to looking at the whole person.  I appreciated also how the commitment to Trauma informed care must happen at an organizational level as well as by providers.  The reflection in the article on how this is essential to the person having a sense of safety was helpful. The other thing I noticed, even though it was just a small paragraph towards the end was the importance of spirituality in addressing and healing from trauma.  This I think helps underscore the importance for me as a chaplain to understand and utilize trauma informed care,but it also raises the question – what if the trauma came from a person of spiritual authority in the childs life – that then creates a different dynamic for our role I would think.

TED Talk Video:

This video was helpful to me in understanding better some points that the article discussed on the neurobiology of trauma on the brain.  I picked up on the idea of needed to change the assessment questioning from what is wrong to what happened.  This is a complete change in mindset.  I also noticed that is moves to more of a listening compassionate approach than the “fix it” approach that “what is wrong” can lead to.  In the talk she used the statement that the traumatized brain that gets stuck in survival mode is a “velcro for the bad and Tefflon for the good.”  This was incredibly helpful for me in understanding behaviors and life lenses that a person with many ACE’s may function from.

Just some initial thoughts.  Looking forward to learning with and from all of you.