Lisa Wood

Brand, your statement about “redirecting some of one’s activities into outlets that will restore personal energy,” struck a chord with me.  As a former children’s minister, teaching through PLAY was not only gratifying and fun for me, but also life-renewing.  Attentiveness to bugs and clouds and a rock that looks like turtle is just part of a child’s ability to live fully in the moment – and appreciate what’s there, just for their enjoyment.  As you said, being able to RECOGNIZE the “resources at hand” is a practical use of our God-given imagination and innovation.  Sometimes I think the best way to restore my personal energy is to play with the kids, draw hopscotch squares on the side walk and watch people hop, hop, hop along in front of my house – and then smile.  I feel like I, as clergy, walk a delicate balance between presenting as “The Reverend” and just plain ol’ me.  There’s only so much of either I have to spend without bankrupting the other.  And it sure feels like I’m “in the red” right now.