Deanna Stringer

With the summary of John Sanford’s book on the exhausted ego, I was struck by the amount of energy that is used up trying to live up to other people’s expectations combined with our own sense of inadequacies and fear/guilt. I do think that is a good portion of my own difficulties as I have always been a bit of a perfectionist and measure that perfection based often times on others reactions/reflections. I am not really sure how to gauge the value of what I do based not on a reflection from others. If we take this idea of expectations draining the emotional ego then, when I look at the renewing energy area, I don’t see much there that would help me deal with this issue other than possibly journaling which I do find occasionally helpful. What I do find the most helpful for me is taking that journey to God and deepening my relationship with him not necessarily with other people. Allowing God’s grace and perspective of being loved and cared for because of being his creation and not for my caregiving or what I do is much more helpful than striving to have a good mindfulness session or activate my imagination or dream world. Too much doing in this list rather than just being in God’s presence (I guess that is meditation to a point, Maybe?)