Deanna Stringer

I was reflecting on Rick’s article dealing with the risk factors and the current situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 epidemic. When I use a check list for the medical staff in our organization, I could check off almost all of the risk factors for every person in the organization. That is the nature of our work to some extent. In fact, we are often applauded when we strive for perfection, measure against an impossible rubric for professional development, don’t need to have a lot of support or take on additional responsibilities beyond the average medical professional. Our world change almost over night it seemed and there are definitely lack of resources with many conflicting opinions as to what we are supposed to do that changes each day. I almost got a sinking feeling that when all the main pandemic is over that we will lose a good portion of our health care professionals due to PTSD type symptoms and vicarious trauma. The existential questions are going to be profound about God allowing the kind of suffering and pain that these professionals are dealing with.