Hello Deanna,

I really appreciated your sharing of yourself, as well as your response to my introduction.  I had a part-time staff chaplain here a few years ago who came to us from hospice.  She was making a change at that time away from hospice, but she shared with us that her desire to change was to move to a position where she could be less on the road and doing less administrative details to satisfy insurance demands.  She seemed to particularly despise paper charting.  She eventually went back to a full-time hospice position after about 20 months with us.

Your words about “if your called, you can’t burn-out” but feeling drained from procedural changes and philosophical shifts in care resonate with me.  I heard someone say we all only have a limited number of negotiated changes possible within our vocational path and then we have to somehow reset.  I think there is truth in that.  I pray this time when your caseload has changed and you can engaged some this course time proves renewing to your spirit.