Rick Underwood

Welcome, Deanna, and thanks for the update Brand.  Lisa is making her way here and should join us today.

I hope you all have time to read, reflect, and post on the week 1 assignment.  The PowerPoint presentation was prepared by a friend who teaches at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville.  She and her colleagues are leading a very large project in our community on Trauma-Informed Care.  I think it is a good overview of the issues we are dealing with and will be discussing.  The other document I had published in the local business paper that is focused more on the business community but certainly has implications for our discussion. I hope these resources will enable each of us to identify where we are and those with whom we work are on the continuum, and what we might do about it.

Personally, I took a leave from my PRN chaplain position because my wife and I are over 70 and both have underlying medical conditions that would put us at more risk.  I did volunteer to provide tele-chaplaincy help to a New York Hosprus group, but they haven’t called on me yet.

My son, Jay who is 40 and was lost in addiction for 12 years and has been clean and sober for 9 years had to have his colon removed in January,  had to put down his 15-year-old dog in February, had his 18-year-old son move out in Feb. and lost his mother a couple of weeks ago.  It is true for me that we are only as well as our least functioning offspring or grand are. On top of the losses we have all experienced with the pandemic, our grief has been papable.

Brand, it sounds like you have done a great job in your place of ministry.  However, the many changes in your responsibilities plus the uncertainty must have played a toll on you.  I appreciate your vulnerable way of sharing some of that. Deanna, you have been through change as well.  We all have. Navigating change, even if positive, tales a lot of energy.

Lisa can add her introduction here.  As a pastor, I know she has had to adjust the way she does things as well.

Rick @ Oates