Deanna Stringer

Hi Brand,

Are you still able to be at the work in the homes/facility? I can not go into our facility for more than signing of IDT notes and other facilities in our area are not allowing “support services” into their facilities even for end of life care to limit exposure possibilities.

I used to think, in my younger days, that if you were “called” to something that burnout would never be an issue but as I have gotten older and my energy is more limited, and I grieve changes to procedure and what I see as “best” practices with changing philosophy, I see burnout and grief highly correlated. The “call” is still there.  I am glad that you are self aware to identify the low energy level and the need for reflection. I hope this course gives you the opportunity for reflection and to find the spark for renewal. What you do offers hope and I pray that the hope giver finds hope abundantly.