Deanna Stringer


I am Deanna Stringer. After 2 years of being out of hospice/and chaplain ministry due to a series of deaths in my family, I have jumped back in to hospice. I found a job 10 months ago at Hospice of Charles County in Maryland about 3 miles from my home. It has felt like family and I have been honored to walk with many people in my nearest community. We have an average of around 45 clients at a time and right before the COVID shut down were running close to 55-60. We even hired a PRN chaplain.


I am wanting this course for a couple of reasons. I have noticed a high turn over in hospice ministry even with a smallish caseload compared to what I have had in previous hospices and I desire to be effective with helping my co-workers navigate their thoughts when they are considering “moving on” or stepping out of the field. This month with working from home, I have fewer connections with clients and am finding it difficult to connect longer than 15 minutes with our patients/caregivers. I figured it would be helpful to take some of the CEUs at this time while it is slower in the work area.