I am also grateful for the information provided in this course. It has been difficult to keep up as I have been dealing with my own stressful issues not only surrounding ministry amidst the pandemic in two separate contexts (church and corporate work), but I have also been dealing with homeschooling young children, taking care of my elderly mother, and most recently, helping my wife as he father is in the process of transitioning into the next life. It’s been a whirlwind the past two weeks to say the least.

What I appreciated from this week’s readings was Sanford’s perspective of psychic energy. It sounds funny, but we all know what he means by that 😉  The fact that our energies are constantly being broken down (as evidenced in my own life this week) necessitates that they be built back up in order to be expended once again. I appreciated his suggestions for renewing our energy. A few seem to be common sense (mindfulness, meditation, journaling, changing our activities), but others were new to me and I liked them! Particularly dream reflection… As I think back upon those times when I have done precisely that, it is evident to me that my energies were in fact renewed! I’m excited at the notion of being more purposeful in this practice in the future.