Wally Plock

Hi all.

Wouldn’t it be great to go and have a root beer float together.  This course has beem helpful  It was an open honest place for me to process abit of my evangelical born again self with y interfaith self.  Both are part of me even though they are a bit oil and vinegar.  Listening is always key.  Mike I agree that relationship is way better than indoctrination.  Being present with people opens doors of the Spirit in ways that my preaching or quoting scripture usually doesn’t.  Being motivated by Jesus’love for me that I want to share with others (even in silence) is my reason for being.  I don’t do this on my own for myself but for God.  That God works in ways beyond my understanding is joyful and a nbit unsettling. 🙂  Jennifer thank you for those assesment insights.  People and the Spirit will usually guide us where we need to go.  Your questions are insightful and helpful.

Rick THANK YOU for your guidance and all your hard and dilligient work.