Rick Underwood

Dear Friends,

And I do mean friends.  I am always pleasantly surprised the way folks come together in this virtual space to share struggles, challenges, insights, support, encouragement and inspiration.  Since we are all from somewhat different religious and spiritual traditions and have traveled different roads in journey toward wholeness, it seems to me we have experience or demonstrated what it means to balance one’s faith while relating to persons of other faiths or different faith orientations.  It has been a rich discussion and I thank you.  Now that we have arrived at the end of our third week, I invite you share your closing remarks.  In order to complete the course, link on the evaluation link below, complete and return,

During these uncertain and challenging times, we are trying to think of ways to support spiritual care givers other than our regular scheduled seminars.  As mention before, we created a special Oates Institute Group on Facebook for persons to debrief, share ideas for self-care and other care, and support each other.  Please join us there and share with others who might be interested.

Our June symposium: Trauma Informed Spiritual Care presenters have offered to do some 30 minutes presentations and Q & A. over the next few weeks on topics related to the C virus pandemic either on Facebook Live or Adobe Connect.  What do you think about this idea?

We are also reaching out to ACPE and the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab to co-sponsor some of these events.

Certainly, we can tweak our upcoming 3 week collaborative learning seminars.  Are there particular topics that you think would be helpful?

Appreciate you all and the work you are or will be doing.

Rick @ Oates