Dianna Cox

I like the rest of you am struggling with all of this and trying to do self care the best I can. Here in hospice we are doing most of our work by telephone. Mainly talking and supporting care givers as most of the patients are not able to talk on the phone very well due to illness, dementia or are very hard of hearing. We are able to make visits, however only when the person is truly at the end of life. As I talk with care givers they are feeling very isolated with the decrease of visits, not only from the team but from family and friends as well.

We don’t have any COVID 19 patients in hospice yet however I do have a story in that a patient in a hospital in the state of Washington wanted to go home on hospice had the virus and could not find any to transport this person home. Many were saying to risky to transport in the community. I don’t know the outcome as it is not our hospice.

I am also having my own hard time with the isolation. Living alone with little or no face contact is tough. I have been doing face time, skype, zoom, etc… which helps. I am such an extrovert this is hard. Trying to stay active and engaged is the best way I know not to get to discouraged.