Peter Wong

Laura, I certainly agree with you that to be healthy, you need to practice self-care. How far can we go to help others when we ourselves need to be taken care of?

You also mentioned about grieving. We see the recent death-toll of COVID-19 cases have already gone up by the thousands in so many countries. Not only they will be sadly missed, but many of their loved ones, friends and colleagues aren’t able to bid their farewell, even if they want to. Our mutual support during wake and presence at funeral are significant rituals in the grieving process, which often takes time.

Paul, yes, pastoral care can be done anywhere, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Like my other countrymen and women who are unable to leave home,     I’m now doing therapy at home through the use of video calls. With the help of a few colleagues from my counseling center, we are providing counseling on our hotline 24/7.