Michael Porter

Wally, Thank for the insight about Harvard, I did not know that.  You said, “The answer for me was often retreating from the great commission and focusing on the great commandments.”  My approach is to see the great commandments is a way of carrying out the great commission.  I see Jesus winning people not by some sort of indoctrination, but by listening to them, touching them and e tearing into relationship with them.  I do this by first being a non-judgmental presence with people.  This I believe is letting people know the presence of God without necessarily mentioning God and God will use it show them his relationship with them.

Rohrabacher talks about God’s DNA being in all he creates.  Elsewhere in his writings he talks about God saying, “Let there be light.”  He says this light is not the same light that is given by the sun.  It is the part of God that is in everyone and everything God creates.  I see my part in the great commission is to love others and help them discover and explore the inner light within them.