Wally Plock

The list of definitions was helpful, esp. being able to see the extra strain nurses and doctors feel to bring healing to the physical and not always having the luxury that chaplains have to help people process their grief and emotions, but they feel it and carry it.  They bring the bad news that despite that doing all they could, the person died any way.  This quote from the shame section was poignant.                             “Given that we (doctors) do not accept the idea of the good-enough doctor, that physicians are always striving for and expecting perfection, every Doctor feels that he or she falls short to some degree. Perhaps shame and self-blame are built into the system because of an unrealistic and pervasive expectation of perfection.”  

This is an important reminder for us chaplains to come along side our very human care givers when we can, especially after traumas.  I’m curious in what ways you all might come along side colleagues to support them, debrief formally or informally esp. for those folks in difficult units (AIDS, NICU, PICU, ICU’s in general, ED…)