Wally Plock


Thank you for your attempt to see your families side of things.  It is challenging and as I stated earlier, I tend to keep quiet when hot button topics come up.  And as far as politics and faith, for me it is usually I like some things on both sides, but what is the key issue.  Pro life is often that issue for many conservatives.  I agree with you that it didn’t make sense for conservatives and evangelicals to just ignore so many things about President Trump.  I couldn’t vote for either candidate in 2016 so I did a write in.  As you say about Benkeler encouraging understanding of other’s points of view, my life is richer (and more complicated) because of it.  When did it happen for me?CPE helped alot, but even in college in the 80’s I sensed the need to listen.  I interviewed the president of the local Gay and Lesbian alliance for a paper.  It was a good experience and he gently hit in me at the end of the interview which was a new experience being on the other side of that situation.

In regards to Professor Swinton, defining Spirituality is challenging as everyone interprets it their own way.  What have you found that works for you in your spiritual assessment process.  I find it hard to get to people’s deeper self in one or two encounters which is sometimes all we get.  Also,  I wonder if you experience it  and how you handle people’s tendency to put chaplains in a religious box  filtered through their perspective.  A polite greeting, but shields up.  “Hello Chaplain”  Thanks for coming by.  I’m good, pray for me. See you later.”