Wally Plock

Reflections on week three readings.

Standing behind frontline workers.  This a a well thought out article by people in the middle of the crisis.  Their insights are helpful.  However,  There to do list while excellent requires funding from local to federal governments at a time when budgets are already stretched.  Where is all the funding going to come from–taxes.  But many people aren’t working.  My take away is how can I best support the people I work with who are facing challenges on many levels: keeping up with patient care, maintaining their role in their family, possible financial struggles.

Vicarious Trauma reflection.  It is good to be reminded that burn out is not the only term/condition facing people in health care. Work weariness is like onions/ogres.  There are layers. Compassion fatigue may be the first layer or sandwiched between layers of vicarious trauma.  Left untreated will most like lead to deeper layers of burnout.  As stated in other articles, possible solutions seem to be early (self) diagnosis, self care beyond lip service, colleague support in the form of formal and informal conversations/debriefings, and rituals.  In regards to health care workers self care, I find for myself and trying to encourage others, it is helpful to take baby steps in one or two areas rather than make sweeping new year resolution- like goals.

I can drink more water, I can walk at lunch time, I can take deep breaths, etc.