Paul C. Edwards

Rick, I completely support your decision and I know it came with mixed emotions. It is certainly a wise one. These are indeed challenging times.

Unfortunately, with the very strict policies that my employers have put in place regarding the use of social media (and the almost daily reminders that they are monitoring our activities), I don’t think it would be wise for me to participate on that platform. The strange thing is that I’ve been seeing many healthcare professionals all over the country expressing concern that they have been muzzled by their respective health systems. That’s been a reality in a number of places, for a number of years now. This pandemic has highlighted the issue of health systems controlling information that could hit their ratings and potentially cause loss of income/earnings due to bad publicity. HIPAA has been a good excuse to not disclose or allow to be disclosed information that could influence¬† policy changes or highlight some glaring issues in resource management and disaster planning in health systems here and all across the world.

I’ll comment on the readings on tomorrow.

Please do everything you can to stay safe. Prayers for all.