Mary M. Wrye

I’m sorry I’m behind in reading. I am so sorry about the death in your hospital. Being the lone Chaplain, you look after the patient, the family … and then the expectation is that you look after the staff as well. It gets very wearing. I also understand the struggle of the time off. I had also planned to be off this week – an annual trip with my sister that we have done for 35+ years. We cancelled and I have chosen to work this week. It has been a week of deaths, altho not COVID related. I think if I walk the halls then folks will see me and think CHAPLAIN, and when they think Chaplain, they will think GOD – and it will remind them that God walks these halls too. I go home weary.

I’m am thankful to y’all for the ability to put thoughts on paper (so to speak). Being the lone Chaplain means there is no one with whom I can debrief. I am to be the one debriefing others but I can’t talk to anyone else.

I miss being able to stand bedside (literally) and hold someone’s hand as I pray. Hug family members of patients. Hug staff. I miss having meetings face to face where I can see expressions and reactions.

But this too shall pass…

Hang in there y’all. We will get through this together and as I have told our leadership team… just as Mordecai told Esther – you have come to your position for such a time as this.