Peter Wong

Laura, the teenagers next door have been complaining for days that they couldn’t leave home since the lockdown began a week ago. Yes, some people feel isolated and frustrated, while others are getting creative. My counseling center is now providing telephone and online counseling 24/7 for now, at least until the lockdown is over. Many people are turning to social media to connect when meeting face-to-face is out of the equation.

My prayer group had a two-hour long prayer meeting online last Friday and we’ll do it again this Thursday. My siblings living in different regions of Malaysia continue to communicate with each other through chat group online. They are taking distance learning courses on the Scripture and theology as well.

Surely my indoor exercise won’t be able to substitute my biking outdoor but at least they compensate that experience partially. One of the greatest realizations of this lockdown is the freedom of movement that I take for granted, and my prayers go with people on the call of duty on the frontline.